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Our Classic Jazz Collection has a very distinct and recognisable look. Minimal detailing, no visible logos or branding when worn and with a versatility that can be paired with many styles and outfits. Conceived from original jazz and dance shoe designs from the Crown Northampton archive, the Classic Jazz range is effortless and decidely low key.

With all of the above taken into consideration we were excited to work with Maria Van Nguyen on a small project when the opportunity arose. In short, Maria Van Nguyen is a well travelled designer, photographer and creative that studied fashion design at Parsons, New York and now resides in Oslo, Norway. Maria has strong views on well made and long lasting product, sustainability and staff well being. Core values that are very important here at Crown Northampton and through our manufacturing process.

Maria's own personal minimalist style is elegant and understated. The content that she creates is very simple at first glance but when you look further into the layers it's clear it's been extremely well thought through. Maria first came into contact with our Classic Jazz Collection when on her travels in Tokyo, Japan and was drawn to the elegant and light nature of the Regent Wholecut.

In a short series of photos Maria has worked with both our Regent Wholecut and Turner Apron shoes in core black and white colourways. The outfits, styling and environments have all been selected by Maria to create her vision of the Classic Jazz Collection.

We're very happy with the results from the project that perfectly highlight the simple elegance, minimal style and versatility of the Crown Northampton Classic Jazz Collection. 

Some of Maria's other work and projects can be seen on her website or you can follow through her instagram account @mariavannguyen 

Crown Classic Jazz Regent Wholecut Shoe

Crown Classic Jazz Regent Wholecut Shoe

Crown Classic Jazz Regent Wholecut Shoe

Crown Regent Wholecut Shoe

Crown Classic Jazz Turner Apron Shoe

Crown Classic Jazz Turner Apron Shoe

Crown Classic Jazz Turner Apron Shoe

 Crown Turner Apron Shoe


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