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We like our All White Overstone Derby Sneaker, we really do. We like the classic design, we like the construction, we like the high quality box calf leather (which we consider to be the best used on any white sneaker currently available on the market), we like the style name which is taken from a local Northampton park and importantly, we like that It's fully handmade in our own factory in Northampton, England - and we're very proud of it.

So why would we willingly supply a pair of our iconic Overstones to be sliced cleanly in half - for fun?! Weirdly, it is actually quite satisfying to watch them expertly dissected with a very sharp knife and a band saw. However, surgical precision fetishes aside, we confidently stand by all aspects of our footwear from quality of materials, construction and finishing so it was a great way to transparantly show the inner workings of our sneakers so you don't have to just take our word for it.

The whole idea was thought up by arisan leather goods specialists Rose Anvil. Based in the US, they design and make their own products but when they're not doing that, they chop up and review footwear through their hugely succesful YouTube channel. The viewer, or potential customer, then gets a further look into what they're buying and what kind of value they're getting for their money.

Throughout their videos no big brands are spared, with heavy Moc Toe boots from Red Wing, Desert Boots from Clarks Originals and Air Force 1's from Nike. In their most recent shoe massacre they focused on some of the big hitting brands in the highly competitive 'Minimal Sneaker' category. As well as our Overstone, this included offerings from Common Projects, Koio, Oliver Cabell and shoe that many believe started the original movement, the much loved Adidas Stan Smith.

In the first video below you'll see the Crown Northampton Overstone specific video, then in the second video you'll see the finale which compares and places all of the brands included - Top Gear style. An overall winner is then crowned (excuse the pun) as the 'Best Minimal Sneaker' currently available.
Take a look at both videos below to see how we fared and where we placed in the finale, in amongst some very well respected and distinguished company.



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