In Conversation With Our Founder Chris Woodford - Stridewise Visit the Crown Northampton Factory

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From New York City to Northampton Town Centre is not something you find yourself saying very often, but that's exactly what Nick, the founder of renowned Boot and Shoe reviewing platform -, did when he jetted from the US to the UK to visit the Crown Northampton shoe factory and have a sit down with our founder Chris Woodford.

Now I won't spoil the video for you all, but please do press play, and you'll see and hear Chris talk you through our core brand messages that help drive our direction and ethos. Plus, the passion and commitment we pledge, to uphold the historic age-old traditions created by the Northampton shoe trade, from the past to present and long into the future - All straight from the horses/Chris' mouth.

And if that's not enough for you, whilst talking to Nick, Chris also managed to guide him through all of the design and production processes that go into making our iconic Harlestone Hand Stitch Sneaker. All for the benefit of the exceptionally knowledge-thirsty Stridewise audience.
Now that's what you call multitasking.


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