First Look - The Everdon Wholecut Mid Boot

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Since we launched our Harlestone Derby Sneaker into the Hand Stitch Collection,  it's become one of our bestselling Crown Northampton styles and the perfect, elevated 'Dress Sneaker'. The Harlestone has been lauded by many as the 'Highest quality sneaker in the world' including Weston Kay from cult YouTube channel Rose Anvil.

Weston cuts footwear in half for a living to review how they're actually made and with what materials, so he can verify any previous brand marketing claims as honest and truthful or advertising spin. Weston really liked our Harlestone - Especially the extremely high level of materials that we use both externally and internally. 

Since launch, the Harlestone has remained as the solitary style in the Hand Stitch Collection, albeit available in a wide range of premium materials from veg tan leather to Horween Shell Cordovan. Thinking the Harlestone might want some company, over the past few months we've been busy designing, trialing and sampling the newest addition to the Hand Stitch Collection - The Everdon Wholecut Mid Boot.

All of us at the factory love the new style that features all the top of the line materials, construction and finishing that can be found in the Harlestone and we can't wait to fully share it with you all.  But for now, here's a short video shot in our Northampton factory to whet your appetite - A quick preview of the processes and handmade detail that goes into the making of each pair of Everdon Mid Boots.

More information coming very soon...


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