Horween Shell Cordovan

View our full range of Horween Shell Cordovan sneakers by clicking the main images below. We offer a Core Collection that is available all year round as well as our Deluxe Care Packs which contains everything you need to look after our premium, Crown Northampton Shell Cordovan sneakers. To view our limited, short run batches of rare and exclusive colours, click through on the images to the bottom of this page.


Shell Cordovan is the jewel in the Horween Company's Crown and is seen by many as the very best leather in the world. Each shell is oval in shape and made from a specific part of a horsehide. It is then expertly tanned, stuffed, shaved and polished by hand to reveal the distinctive glossy signature finish that Shell Cordovan displays. These highly skilled processes take at least six months to complete, are unique to Horween Company practices, and what makes Shell Cordovan so well regarded amongst fine leather craftsmen. When wearing premium leather from the world-famous Horween leather company in Chicago, USA, you go on a journey. Founded in 1905, Horween's secret blend of natural oils and family processes have been passed down through the generations. All Horween leathers are known for their extreme longevity, that wears in over time, creating beautifully unique patinas. Crown Northampton are honoured to work with leathers from the world class Horween Company tannery, especially their prized Shell Cordovan.