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Alex Hall

This week, we’ve asked our go-to stylist, Alex Hall, to offer his musings on styling white sneakers year-round. Alex is a stylist working with brands such as The Real McCoys & Sebago. As well as being a trained tailor he also lectures at London College of Fashion. So, for what is hopefully the first in a number of style led features here on the blog, we’ll hand you over to Alex.

In the shift from summer to the embrace of autumn, I’m exploring a refined style journey to challenge the presumption that white sneakers should be confined to warmer days.

When navigating the switch from British summer to colder weather, our wardrobes should seamlessly adapt to the changing seasons. With the transition from lightweight summer attire to the warmth of cosy knits and winter coats, one exception stands out—the enduring white sneaker. Its unmatched versatility challenges conventional seasonal norms, showing that authentic style knows no boundaries. 

Exploring the year-round allure of white sneakers during colder seasons, it’s easy to dispel the scepticism surrounding subjecting our treasured, pristine white Crown kicks to the trials of mud-strewn paths and urban sludge. Join me as I delve into style-driven justifications for the perpetual relevance of white sneakers, extending their supremacy beyond the sun-soaked days of summer.


Pictured: Upton Wholecut - White Calf Leather, White Sole.

With the crisp air of autumn settling in, white sneakers can harmonise with your favourite denim jeans, creating a blend of comfort and chic. Opt for timeless indigo hues, pairing them with a Shetland style knit sweater. Upgrade the ensemble with a tweed tailored overcoat, effortlessly injecting a breath of freshness that navigates the delicate balance between casual ease and sophisticated style.


Pictured: Overstone Derby - White Calf Leather, White Sole.

Extending their influence beyond casual jeans, white sneakers find perfect synergy with earthy-toned chinos in shades of olive, navy, or khaki. This pairing exudes understated sophistication, ideal for drinks down the local pub or a leisurely winter stroll. Layer a dependable vintage military M65 “jungle jacket” and shawl neck sweater over a button-down shirt for a confident finish, striking the perfect equilibrium between comfort and style.


Pictured: Harlestone Hand Stitch - Off White Veg Tan, White Sole

In an unexpected turn, white sneakers infuse modernity into traditional tailoring, breathing new life into classic aesthetics. While black or brown sneakers should take centre stage with a two-piece “lounge suit”, white sneakers can still carve their niche in tailoring, particularly when artfully paired with textured materials such as corduroy or seersucker, as illustrated in the image above. Alternatively, they can effortlessly enhance a classic herringbone sportcoat and dark grey flannel trousers (with a 1 ¾ inch turn up would be my recommendation) just to soften the trouser shape a little.

There really is no right or wrong when it comes to styling white sneakers, their versatility is unmatched and I’m always fascinated by how people incorporate white sneakers into their different wardrobes.

Choosing white sneakers for winter signifies more than a fashion choice; it's an acknowledgment that elegance can harmonise with the unpredictability of the season. In the subtle scuffs and stains, showcase the evidence of the lived-in, adventurous spirit of your footwear - a quiet rebellion against pristine expectations that adds a touch of authenticity to your winter style.

Hopefully some of the above reflections have proved useful when looking at your own wardrobe, you can shop Crown’s selection of white sneakers on the link here.

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