Harlestone Derby - D9 Marbled Dark Cognac Shell Cordovan

Marbled Dark Cognac Shell Cordovan

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Quality Takes Time. Please note our current made-to-order lead time is 9-12 weeks



  • Drop 9 - Limited run in Marbled Dark Cognac Shell Cordovan upper 
  • 15 pairs in total - Each individually hand numbered
  • Available in sizes UK 3-14 including half sizes
  • Derby construction with French binding
  • Traditional oak bark counter & stiffener
  • Hand filled cork footbed
  • Sustainable Lactae Hevea sole
  • Handmade in Northampton, England
  • Shoe trees not included

Those acquainted with Shell Cordovan may be aware that it typically requires six months to craft a shell. However, for this marbled variation, the process extends even further. The shell is goes through a top secret, extra stage of development in a process entirely unique to Horween. It creates a varied texture across the skin and makes each pair truly one of a kind. Horween materials are exclusive and heavily in demand, especially their top-tier Shell Cordovan range. Through our commitment to only work with the very best, we’ve built strong relationships with tanneries and local leather merchants which has allowed us access to some of their most sought-after, premium materials, and a few rare exclusives in short supply. Throughout the seasons we will be launching short-run batches of ‘Shell Cordovan Specials’, focusing on unique colours and finishes not readily available in the marketplace. Please be aware that these special drops will only be available in short runs, all individually hand-numbered. Once the stock is gone, it will likely be gone for good.

*There will be 15 pairs of this colour available in total across all sizes, with the option to select three sole colours in the drop down.

**Please be aware that once all 15 pairs have been sold, this colour listing will be closed and removed from sale.

Our Hand Stitch Collection is the pinnacle of luxury, handmade sneakers. With a low profile silhouette, hand-finished construction, and world-class materials have been specifically tailored and tweaked, further elevating the Crown Northampton Sneaker range to the highest levels possible. This top-tier collection draws inspiration from bespoke, hand welted dress shoes with more than a few nods of respect to time-honored traditional processes. Following the standards set with bespoke, hand welted shoes, our Harlestone Derby sneakers are cork-filled by hand. This age-old process requires skill and patience and is held dear to Crown Northampton's traditional roots. The cork forms a solid filler down the full spine of the sneaker that provides just enough movement to mould to the wearers' feet, with the additional benefits of comfort, stability, and breathable properties throughout the sneaker. Traditional oak bark leather is used for the counter and stiffener with a natural veg-tan crust shoulder used to form the foundations of the insole. Topped with soft, natural leather lining and French bound stitching around the outer edges, the end result of these combined classic techniques is a solid, reliable structure that offers superior strength and longevity. Hand Stitch sign-off detail is applied to the upper and rear dog tail tabs with signature 'Double Stitch' finishing. This thick, natural waxed cotton double stitch adds construction security and design character. These intricate, centuries-old construction details further close the gap between high-end casual sneakers and traditional, Goodyear Welted Northampton dress shoes. Continually pushing the boundaries of high quality, casual-led footwear; Crown Northampton confidently produce what is now the ultimate handmade in England ‘Dress Sneaker’


The Harlestone Derby is finished with Lactae Hevea soles. Made from virgin hevea milk harvested directly from the Cao Su or ‘Crying Wood’ tree; these soft, durable sole units are fully sustainable and offer a comfortable ride that only gets better with each wear. All styles from the Hand Stitch Collection are available with a choice of natural gum, white or black soles, and in line with sustainability characteristics, they are fully resoleable at a later date if required.

*Please note. Due to the natural finishing processes used to create Lactae Hevea soles, there may sometimes be slight imperfections and colour differences from sole to sole. However, this is all part of the unique finish when using natural materials and the overall precision and performance of Lactae Hevea sole units will never be compromised.

We do not suggest using saddle soap to care for this product.

Shell Cordovan is the jewel in the Horween Company's crown and is seen by many as the very best leather in the world. Each shell is oval in shape and made from a small portion of a horse’s rump. It is then expertly tanned, stuffed, shaved and polished by hand to reveal the distinctive finish that Shell Cordovan displays. These highly skilled processes take at least six months to complete, are unique to Horween Company practices, and what makes Shell Cordovan so well regarded amongst fine leather craftsmen. When wearing premium leather from the world-famous Horween Leather Company in Chicago, USA, you go on a journey. Founded in 1905, Horween's secret blend of natural oils and family processes have been passed down through the generations. All Horween leathers are known for their extreme longevity, wearing in over time and creating beautifully unique patinas. Crown Northampton are honoured to work with leathers from the world class Horween Company tannery, especially their prized Shell Cordovan.



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- All Footwear orders excluding Stitchdown Collection - 9-12 weeks

- Stitchdown Collection Orders - 12-15 weeks

- Gift Vouchers, Care Product & Accessory orders - up to 2 weeks

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To maintain and protect your Crown Northampton Shoes we offer a selection of cleaning and weather proofing product alongside polishes and shoe trees. See below for style specific care products. To view care guides click here

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The four main shoemaking stages once an order is placed...


The ‘clicking’ or cutting process as it is also known is the very start of your shoes being made, the leather is cut into the shapes that make up your silhouette either by hand or on a press.


Once all the components of the shoe are cut they go through several processes that are essential to the construction then they are sewn together to make the upper.


A last is a template form that is unique to each shoe size and style, the upper is pulled onto the last to give it the final shape of the shoe ready for a sole to be fitted. Once the sole is fitted the shoe will have it’s complete form.

Shoe Rooming

The final stage of the factory process your shoes go through the hands of our quality checkers and the finish is applied to the leather or suede to finish the shoe and ensure it looks it’s absolute best.