Saphir Medaille D'or Creme 1925 - BLACK LEATHER 01

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  • Saphir Medaille d'Or are one of the best if not the best shoe care brands in the world
  • Made in France using decades of knowledge and experience
  • Creme 1925 includes a unique blend of 7 different waxes including beeswax and also shea butter oil
  • When applied the leather absorbs nutrients from the cream with the waxes adding protection and shine
  • The pigment from the chosen colour helps tint and rejuvenate when applied
  • Suggested use on smooth leathers such as our calf and Kudu
  • Nourishes, protects and rejuvenates 
  • Select the colour that best matches your footwear




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    The four main shoemaking stages once an order is placed...


    The ‘clicking’ or cutting process as it is also known is the very start of your shoes being made, the leather is cut into the shapes that make up your silhouette either by hand or on a press.


    Once all the components of the shoe are cut they go through several processes that are essential to the construction then they are sewn together to make the upper.


    A last is a template form that is unique to each shoe size and style, the upper is pulled onto the last to give it the final shape of the shoe ready for a sole to be fitted. Once the sole is fitted the shoe will have it’s complete form.

    Shoe Rooming

    The final stage of the factory process your shoes go through the hands of our quality checkers and the finish is applied to the leather or suede to finish the shoe and ensure it looks it’s absolute best.