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It’s fair to say that Black Friday discounts and the hysteria that surrounds it are now a worldwide event. Once solely an American tradition, it’s now made its way across the pond and is well and truly established as a retail event that signals the start of frenzied Christmas spending - In the most extreme scenarios, we’re talking brawls over discounted TVs and queuing outside in the November cold. We don’t think there’s anything wrong with embracing this trend from our American pals, as for many brands and stores it begins the busiest sales period of the year but here at Crown Northampton we won’t be going all in. 

Let us explain our viewpoint as a company, and our reasoning for not offering flash discounts, or for that matter not going into sale throughout the year in general. Because all of our product is Made To Order and our business model and brand mantra is ‘Every Order, Made To Order’. By definition, this ensures there’s no build-up of old season stock sitting on stockroom shelves that needs to be shifted. This model therefore eliminates the need for a mass clearout during holiday sale periods or at the end of each season. Add to that the sustainability aspects of only making an order when we actually receive an order through our website, and our business model also helps somewhat on a wider scale - albeit inadvertently if we’re honest. We offer year-round core classics made with premium materials that we see as timeless and not based on changes to the marketplace or passing trends. Our chosen path is organic growth and customer loyalty, which in many cases differs from the fast turnaround of a high street store carrying lots of excess stock.

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The Woodfords, our founding family, have been in business creating quality shoes since 1908, meaning we’ve seen many commercial trends come and go. We’re set in the home of the English boot and shoemaking industry, Northampton, with access to a wealth of knowledge, skill, and world-class materials. Both our location and our 100 years plus of experience are invaluable and major contributing factors to the quality of the footwear we produce and the high standards we pride ourselves on. Each pair of shoes made in the Crown Northampton factory leave via a final check in the ‘Shoe Room’ and represents decades of skills and craftsmanship. Every pair is made to order using traditional processes, which do take longer than mass production, but overall deliver a higher quality, more durable and comfortable finished product. 

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So nothing at all for Black Friday then? Well, there is something. With all of our product being made to order there is inevitably a longer waiting time until you receive your custom made order. With this in mind and with Christmas just around the corner, we’re using the lead up to Black Friday and the subsequent Cyber Monday as our cut off point to guarantee pre Christmas delivery for all orders placed before that date - 2nd December. Also for all orders placed from now until 2nd December, we’ll add in a free cleaning pack with all footwear orders. If you’ve chosen a shoe made from calf or kudu materials, the pack comprises a cloth and a bottle of mink oil that cleans, protects and shines. For shoes made from Horween leather, the pack includes a cloth and a tin of dubbin to nourish and protect the leather. All of these cleaning products are by Saphir, a high-quality brand that has been making world-class shoe care products since 1925. We take great pride in footwear we create and want our customers to be able to look after them with products of the same high standards. 

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Please note that your cleaning pack won’t be automatically added to your order. Simply add the product to your cart along with your chosen footwear. Then enter the code FREECLEAN at checkout and the cost of the pack will be deducted from the order total.

To confirm, the last day of this offer is also the last day for guaranteed worldwide delivery pre Christmas. 

All orders placed by the 2nd of December will be delivered in time for Christmas. We cannot guarantee any orders placed after this date.

Interested in getting your own made to order footwear or buying for someone else? Click here to add your free cleaning pack then go on to select your footwear.

Don’t forget to add code FREECLEAN at checkout!

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