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When it comes to customer queries and requests, the most commonly asked questions are generally based around our handmade sneaker collection. With many buyers purchasing for the first time, they're interested to find out more about how they fit, what the main differences are between the styles, and more information on design and details. Read on to learn more.


When the Sneaker Collection was added to the Crown Northampton range there was always a general direction and aesthetic that we had in mind. As a company with history and heritage in the footwear industry that dates back to 1908, we wanted to stay true to our roots. However, as sneakers and casual trainers don't really have a strong background of history in Northampton (the area is more commonly known for creating some of the worlds finest Goodyear welted shoes), we had to take it our own direction and marry modern day processes with traditional methods of construction.

We wanted the quality of our craftsmanship to do the talking along with the world class premium leathers that we use. It was decided that the design would be minimal, with clean lines. No excessive branding, design elements or stitch work. To put it simply, if it wasn't needed or necessary, it wouldn't be included. This DNA runs through the entire collection with inspiration being drawn directly from our ultra minimalist Jazz Collection.

Our Jazz Collection is hugely popular in Japan and is regularly styled alongside other pared back brands such as Margaret Howell, unfil and Camoshita. Stocked in highly respected stores such as Beams and United Arrows, the simple, clean finish of the Jazz Collection provided a solid platform. It allowed us to create our Sneaker Collection with a modern mindset, yet remain traditional with our made to order, handmade processes.

There are many versions of luxury and minimal sneakers currently available in the marketplace. We wanted to build our collection in our own unique way. Drawing from core values, roots and traditions that date back to the origins of our family owned business, formed in 1908.


All of our sneaker styles are based on traditional Northampton footwear methods of construction. This is a mark of respect to true craftsmanship, along with tried and tested process that date back centuries.

The Overstone Derby 

This is our most classic and recognisable style in appearance and is also our bestseller. The Overstone features a derby construction made up of separate pieces that are then stitched together to form an open faced lacing system. This process is used on most sneakers and trainers, allowing for ease of adjustment to the laces for a looser or tighter fit. This style and construction suited to all feet but is also best for wearers with wider feet as the sneaker can open up. The upper displays minimal visible stitching, with double stitching at pressure points to offer durability and metal eyelets. 

overstone derby

The Upton Wholecut

Our most unique style which was also our first design. It took direct inspiration from our Jazz Regent style and then went on to provide the design direction and ethos for the rest of the sneaker collection. The Wholecut style and construction is taken from a combination of classic Northampton dress shoe design and dance shoe styling. Made from a one piece upper which provides a continuous finish, the Upton is a minimal as it gets when it comes to luxury sneakers. The main part of the upper displays no visible stitching, with a smooth, uncluttered flow. The lacing system is formed by an elongated naturally formed U shape which gives a design finish not normally found on sneakers. Further adding to the minimalist look, the Upton does not feature metal eyelets, opting instead for punched holes.

upton wholecut

The Abington Toe Cap

The Abington is similar in style and construction to our Overstone Derby Sneaker. Once again featuring an open derby construction which is made up of separate pieces, the Abington loses the metal eyelets and features punched holes instead. There is then the addition of an oversized leather toe cap piece. The toe cap is overlaid to the front part of the sneaker, with inspiration from classic basketball and baseball sneakers, as well as traditional dress shoes with added toe panels. Once again due to the derby construction, the Abington is a good choice for wearers with wider feet. 

abington toe cap

All sneaker styles come with natural leather lining, soft leather lined insoles and custom made Crown Northampton sole unit as standard.


When it comes to fit, all of our sneakers are made on the same shape last which is an industry standard F fitting. It is a good, regular fit that will accommodate most wearers feet and is inline with modern day sneaker fits. Further to this, as all of our footwear is made to order we are able to offer wider G fit on request. Just add 'G Fit' in checkout cart notes and the factory will adjust accordingly. More information on sizing can be found here.

View our full Sneaker Collection and decide which style will work best for you. 

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