D7 - Horween Shell Cordovan ‘Amaretto’ and ‘Natural Unglazed’ - Limited to ONLY 15 PAIRS EACH

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Here we go again! One last treat before the end of 2023 for all of you Shell Cordovan enthusiasts.

Our seventh Shell Special is launching on 1st December at 6pm GMT. As always, there’ll be limited numbers, so for the final time this year we’ll remind you - ‘when they’re gone, they’re gone!’

The final Shell Special of 2023 will be two rare and exclusive colours. Availability for both will be limited to 15 pairs each, meaning there will be 30 happy soles (pun intended) going into 2024. Both colours will go live at 6pm GMT on a strictly first come, first served basis. All are individually hand-numbered and with a choice of sole colour.


For all of the people who’re already on our mailing list, you’re reading this blog first, ensuring you’re one step ahead of all those late-adopters who are yet to sign up to our wonderful weekly newsletter. So if you’re interested, we suggest you get yourselves organised and pre-prepped for the launch and get in there at 6pm GMT on the dot!

So, what have we got for you this time around? First up, there’s the luscious Amaretto Cordovan, perfectly befitting a pre-Christmas release. Horween’s Amaretto is a rich mid-brown tone with a subtle hint of amber. When the light hits that shiny, smooth cordovan surface at the right angle it is quite simply beautiful.


To accompany this liquor inspired colourway, we have the unusual Natural Unglazed Shell Special. For many, ‘unglazed’ is not a term you'll be accustomed to hearing in relation to Horween’s Shell Cordovan; it simply means the shell doesn’t undergo the final processes that give cordovan its usual shiny, glossy top coat. Instead, it has a matte finish without the high shine. Rest assured, if cared for correctly over time, Natural Unglazed will develop that signature luxurious texture.


With an unglazed shell, you can also expect the patina process to develop a lot faster, in a manner that’s personal to your daily wear routines. This finish is for those who like to experiment and appreciate the unfolding journey of natural materials.

As with all Shell Cordovan from Horween, expect both of these colours to deepen with wear and care, and we encourage you to ‘Embrace the Patina’.

If you haven’t already, sign up to our mailing list here. And to all of you - good luck!

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