1. Designing the shoe

Each style is developed and pattern cut using traditional methods. Hand designed by our highly skilled team, the last is taped and the pattern transferred to paper in order to produce the forms required to cut the shoe. 

2. Model making

All of our model shapes are made in Northampton by renowned last makers “Springline” It is the start of the design process and instrumental in achieving the perfect fit.

3. Leathers

The finest leathers are selected from Northamptonshire merchants, ranging from soft sued kid to effervescent ostrich.

4. Clicking

Clicking is the process of cutting the different sections of the upper (part of the shoes that is on top of the foot). The name derives from the sound that is made when the knife leaves the leather when hand cutting.

5. Closing

The cut sections of the upper are machined together. Each style has many different operations within this process and involves a large variety of machines.

6. Hand Lasting

The machined uppers are hand pulled on to the “last” in order to achieve the required shoe shape, and put through the lasting room where the soles are attached.

7. Shoe Rooming

To make sure every shoe meets our high standards, each one is carefully examined, dressed and polished before being ready for dispatch.