The Northamptonshire shoe and boot-making industry has survived four centuries and is continued by only the finest brands today. Large production of shoes in Northampton was first recorded as early as the English Civil War in the 17th century when cobblers making military boots for soldiers rapidly expanded the industry in the small town. Expansion gradually continued and by 1840 there was a well-established shoe-making industry in Northampton, with many making deluxe shoes at home in their own workshops.

The introduction of machinery into Northampton during the 1860s revolutionised the boot and shoe industry. A migration from the small workshop to the larger factory was happening, employing thousands of the town’s residents. This small-town industrial revolution continued progressively over the next decades until the First World War (1914-1918) catapulted Northampton into truly large-scale production. During wartime, Northampton’s shoe factories manufactured and shipped around 23 million pairs of boots to soldiers on the front line. Since then, Northampton has become renowned for its high-quality boots and shoes, not just in the U.K, but across the world.

Crown Northampton is continuing the long-standing tradition of making immeasurably high-quality shoes in Northampton and paying homage to its rich heritage by making handmade luxury shoes in this remarkable cobbling town.

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