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The Woodford family have been hand making quality boots and shoes since 1908. Established by my great great grandfather Earnest Woodford in London, the business later moved to the home of footwear: Northampton, England. Five generations on and we’re still producing quality hand-made footwear, using the finematerials and utilising knowledge and skills passed down from generation to generation.

Our company is one of the few to have the privilege of being allowed to use the town's crest on its products. This confirms our commitment and promise to have every boot and shoe made in our Northampton factory by highly skilled cobblers, many of whom are following in the footsteps of their ancestors by working in the shoe industry.

Over the years we’ve become world renowned for comfort and craftsmanship and approximately seventy per cent of our production is now exported worldwide. Using only the finest materials, all sourced from local leather merchants, we design, develop, and hand-make our shoes to the high standards set by both the town’s forefathers and the Woodford family.

As a proud Northampton company, we understand the rich and important shoemaking heritage of our town and have funnelled this passion for tradition and excellence into our new flagship brand 'Crown Northampton'. The range features traditional British shoe designs , along with boots and shoes sculpted with modern trends in mind. Each style is named after an historic Northampton factory, evoking the rich history and heritage behind each design.
It’s our belief that the best things from our past should help us step into the future.
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The Northampton crest means "Peace is stronger than a fortress" 1617 ad